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Identifying Nouns 01

Let's practice finding NOUNS.

Remember, a NOUN is a person, place, thing or idea.

Study these examples:
Mary ate a bowl of delicious soup.
The NOUNS are: Mary, bowl, soup.

Our new baby was born in the hospital on Friday.
The NOUNS are: baby, hospital, Friday.

1) Kittens and cats make fun pets. a) kittens, cats, pets
b) kittens, make, pets
c) make, cats, pets
2) Terry has a beautiful garden. a) beautiful, garden
b) Terry, beautiful
c) Terry, garden
3) Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. a) Jack, hill, fetch, pail, water
b) Jack, Jill, hill, pail, water
c) Jack, Jill, hill, fetch, pail, water
4) Mr. & Mrs. Ingalls built a little house on the prairie. a) built, house, prairie
b) Ingalls, little, house, prairie
c) Mr. & Mrs. Ingalls, house, prairie
5) I read some very interesting articles in that magazine. a) I, interesting, articles, magazine
b) articles, magazine
c) magazine
6) Shawn plays football every Saturday. a) football, Saturday
b) Shawn, plays, football, Saturday
c) Shawn, football, Saturday
7) My cat isn't allowed to sit on the table. a) cat, table
b) My cat, sit, table
c) cat, allowed, sit, table
8) Where is your book? a) your, book
b) book
c) Where, your, book
9) The children like ice cream. a) children, like, ice cream
b) children, ice cream
c) children, cream
10) Ms. Mallory is the teacher of English-Zone.Com. a) Ms. Mallory, teacher, English-Zone.Com
b) Mallory, teacher
c) Ms. Mallory, English-Zone.Com

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