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A simile is a fun way to compare someone to something.
Here are some examples:
A person with a bad sunburn can be described this way:
She's as red as a lobster! (A lobster is red, and she is red.)
A person who is stubborn can be described this way:
He's as stubborn as a mule. (A mule is stubborn, and he is stubborn.)
Exercise Instructions:
1) Click on the next word in to put it in the box.
       (or you may type the words if it's easier.)
2) You may change the answer if you make a mistake.
3) When you're done, click the Check button to see how you did.

Now try to guess the similes below. Good luck!

blind free hard quiet strong
busy fresh high red sweet
clear good light regular tough
clever happy old sick weak

Click the word above to put it into the boxes below, or you may type it instead.
 1. He's as  as a bat. He needs glasses.  2. Mary's as  as a bee. She works a lot.
 3. Shhh! Be as  as a mouse!   4. MaryEllen's as  as the hills. She's 97 now!
 5. It's as  as a feather. I can lift it.  6. It's as  as a bell. I can hear it.
 7. I always feel as  as a daisy after my shower.  8. It smells as  as a rose. Yummmm!
 9. She's as  as a fox. She's very sly. 10. He's as  as a dog. Poor guy!
11. A newborn baby is as  as a kitten.  12. Lee is as  as a bird. He got out of jail yesterday.
13. She's as  as a beet. She is embarrassed! 14. She's as  as a lark. She's getting married today.
15. My bed's as  as a rock. I can't sleep on it. 16. The kids were as  as gold. I loved babysitting them.
17. John's as  as an ox. He can lift anything. 18. Mick's as  as a kite. He got some really good news.
19. The train comes as  as clockwork. It's never late. 20. The soldier was as  as nails. He slept in the jungle for a week.

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