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Tag Questions 1

Present Tense/To Be Verb/Affirmative
When using tag questions, watch for 4 points:
     * What tense is the verb?
     * What kind of verb is it? (to be/other verbs)
     * Is the sentence affirmative or negative?
     * Does the pronoun need to be changed?
*present tense ->
*to be verb ->
*affirmative ->
*present tense
*to be verb
Look at these changes:
Jack's happy,
isn't he? he is -> isn't he?
Susan's tired,
isn't she? she is -> isn't she?
It's warm today,
isn't it? it is -> isn't it?
They're busy,
aren't they? they are -> aren't they?
You and I are fun people,
aren't we? we are -> aren't we?
You're quiet,
aren't you? you are -> aren't you?
I'm intelligent,
aren't I?
am I not?
I am -> aren't I?
I am -> am I not?

Choose the correct tag to finish the sentence.
1. Teresa is an accountant,___?
aren't she?  doesn't she?  isn't she?   She isn't?  
2. I am a good worker,___?
I am?  do I?  amn't I?   aren't I?  
3. Peirre is a grandfather,___?
he isn't?   isn't he?  he is?  doesn't he?  
4. Kate is a doctor, ___?
she is?  is she?  doesn't she?  isn't she?  
5. Jacques and Alicia are students, ___?
aren't they?  are they?  isn't he?  isn't they?  
6. Mario is at work right now, ___?
aren't they?  isn't he?  is he?  isn't she?  
7. I'm here, ___?
am I not?   am not I?  amn't I?  aren't you?  
8. You and I are busy right now, ___?
aren't I?  aren't we?  we aren't?  aren't you?  
9. It's windy today, ___?
am I?   aren't they?  isn't it?  isn't he?   
10. I am ready for the next exercise, ___?
isn't it?  don't I?  aren't you?  aren't I?  

You havecorrect answers out 10

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