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English-Zone.Com > Idioms > Baseball Idioms 1

Baseball Idioms 1

All of these idioms come from baseball...
Click on the idiom to study the meaning:


Read the sentences and try to guess the meaning of the underlined idioms.

1. Wow! I thought lunch would be much cheaper. I was way off-base!
a)I didn't cooperate.
b)I guessed wrong.
c)I did something bad.

2. I tried to make friends with Mary, but she wouldn't talk to me. I struck out.
a)I failed. Mary is not my friend.
b)Mary is my sister, but she wouldn't talk to me.
c)Mary really likes me. Mary is my best friend.

3. Jan:  Did you make the deal with that company?
   Sam: No, they wouldn't play ball.
a)The company is successful.
b)Jan and Sam want to play baseball.
c)They wouldn't work with me.

4. Frank: How much do you think a Mercedes costs?
    Sam: Hmmmm... my ballpark estimate is around $25,000.
a)Sam wants to borrow $25,000.
b)Sam guesses that a Mercedes costs about $25,000.
c)Frank wants to buy a Mercedes.

5. I'm angry! I planned to take my vacation next week, but my boss told me that I can't go now. He really threw me a curve ball! There goes all my planning!
a)My boss told me I could go, then changed his mind.
b)My boss is a generous man.
c)My boss is going on vacation.

6. Some companies play hardball with their rivals. They will do anything to win a contract.
a)Some companies win everything.
b)Some companies use strong competition.
c)Some companies buy contracts.

7. Jack told a nasty joke at the company meeting.
a)He was off-base.
b)He played hardball.
c)He threw a curveball.

8. Sara tried and tried to win the contest, but she lost.
a)She made a ballpark estimate.
b)She struck out.
c)She was off-base.

9. Eddie: How much milk is left in the refrigerator?
    Elizabeth: I'm not sure, but I think half a carton.
a)She struck out.
b)She was off-base.
c)She made a ballpark estimate.

10. I thought I would get the promotion to assistant manager, but the boss chose someone else.
a)He was off-base.
b)She threw me a curveball.
c)I played ball.

You have correct answers out of 10

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