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Food Idioms #1

All of these idioms have food in them...
Click on the idiom to study the meaning:
(Slang) (Slang)
(Slang) (Slang)
(Slang) (Slang)
(Somewhat rude!)  
Now it's your turn to practice!
Read the sentences and try to guess the meaning of the underlined idioms:

1. I'm freezing my buns off today! I wish I'd brought my coat to school!

I forgot my coat today.
I am very cold.
The buns are freezing.

2. These idioms are a piece of cake to learn!

The idioms are eating cake.
These idioms are difficult to learn.
These idioms are easy to learn.

3.  Wife:   Honey, guess what? We have a bun in the oven! Iheard from the doctor today.
     Husband: Oh, that's great! I'm so happy!

They are going to have buns for dinner.
They are going to have a baby.
The wife is baking some buns for the doctor.

4.  Susan: Hi! What are you talking about?
      Mary: Oh, we are talking about Hollywood beefcake. Who do you like?
     Susan: I think Arnold Schwartzenegger is beefcake!

Arnold is very handsome.
Arnold lives in Hollywood.
I am hungry.

5. I saw a very cheesy movie last night. You wouldn't believe how bad it was!

The movie was excellent.
The movie was expensive.
The movie was poorly made.

6. I just bought the newest cheesecake poster of Pamela Lee to hang in my dorm room.

I bought a poster of a pretty girl.
I love to eat cheesecake.
Pamela Lee likes to eat cheesecake.

7. When I went skating yesterday, I fell on my buns four times! Ouch!

I fell on my buttocks.
I fell on my bread.
I fell on my friend.

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