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Links to Sites With Idioms, Proverbs, Clichés, Sayings, etc.

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Idiom Zone at English-Zone.Com
Check out the extensive Idiom Dictionary!
Visits: 2917
Animal Expressions & Idioms
Idioms from the Dog Hause site - a fun site for pet lovers.
Visits: 1825
English Idioms, Sayings, and Slang
Idioms listed by section, containing a specific word, or explained by a specific word.
Visits: 6641
Idioms from Dave's ESL Cafe
A complete list of all idioms currently in his collection.
Visits: 1651
Idioms, Phrasal Verbs & Slang Quizzes
Part of The Internet TESL Journal's Self-Study Quizzes.
Visits: 2158
McDougal Littell Idiom of the Week
Part of the McDougal Littell Language Arts site.
Visits: 1300
Paint-By-Idioms Game from FunBrain
Part of the Family Education Network
Visits: 3507
The Idiom Site
Lots of idioms here - easy to use.
Visits: 4177

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