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Classroom Language Handout
Print this handout of typical expressions used in a classroom. There is space for students to write translations. Donated by Churchill House School of English.
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Language Learning
Tips on Studying a Foreign Language
Visits: 7544
20 tips to help you take better notes in class.
Visits: 8031
Note-Taking Symbols
Learn 2 wrt fast b4 u go bananas!
Visits: 5676
Preparing for Essay Tests
Try some of these suggestions to get a better score on your next essay test.
Visits: 10688
Preparing for Other Tests
These suggestions will help you get a better score on your next objective-type test.
Visits: 7963
Reading Tips
5 Techniques for Improving Your Reading and Studying Skills (SQ3R)
Visits: 5762
Signal Words in Note-Taking
Your instructor uses signal words to give you the message that what's being said is important.
Visits: 5157
Vocabulary Learning
An organized system of learning vocabulary is essential.
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