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Intermediate and advanced students will enjoy these exercises.

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Adjective + Infinitive 01
Choose the correct answer.
Visits: 44857
Adjective + Infinitive 02
Choose the correct answer.
Visits: 7000
Adjective + Infinitive 03
Type the correct answer.
Visits: 5862
Adjective Order Lesson
An expensive, small, German, racing car...
Visits: 4131
Adjective Order Quiz
An expensive, small, German, racing car...
Visits: 6277
Adjectives of Quantity
Choose the correct adjective of quantity.
Visits: 3524
Adverbs of Frequency 01
Visits: 59461
Adverbs of Frequency 02
Visits: 6210
Adverbs of Frequency 03
NEVER / RARELY / SELDOM in Negative Sentences
Visits: 6331
Comparative Adjectives and Adverbs
Petra can type more quickly than Matthew.
Visits: 24842
Using Nouns as Adjectives 01
Soup made from beans = bean soup.
Visits: 20277
Using Nouns as Adjectives 02
A store that sells shoes = a shoe store.
Visits: 3287
What is an ADJECTIVE?
Learn about adjectives in this lesson.
Visits: 54531
What is an ADVERB?
Learn about adverbs in this lesson.
Visits: 45173

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