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"Relationship" Idioms #1
All of these idioms involve other people...
Click on the idioms to study the meaning:

Now it's your turn to practice!
Read the sentences and try to guess the meaning of the underlined idioms:

1. I'm going out with Kelly now. Kelly is very special to me.

Kelly and I are leaving now.
I am in a relationship with Kelly.
Kelly is going to leave now.

2. Sometimes my younger brother can drive me up a wall!

I am angry.
My brother is a terrible driver.
My younger brother makes me angry.

3.  Wife: I think my sister is upset. She's been giving me the cold shoulder for a week now.
    Husband: Hmmm... maybe you should apologize to her.

Her sister hurt her shoulder.
Her sister is not speaking to her because she's angry.
Her sister's shoulder is cold.

4.  Susan: Hey! What happened?
      Mary: My husband caught a thief red-handed in our house last night!
     Susan: Wow...that's scary! Where is the thief now?
      Mary: We called the police and they took him to jail.

The thief was stealing when he was caught.
Mary's husband killed a thief.
Susan is a thief and she's in jail now.

5. When I called my sister to apologize to her, she really gave me an earful!

My sister gave me a gift.
My sister filled up my ear.
My sister scolded me.

6. Tony: Have you heard from Jennifer this week?
    Jean: No, I haven't heard anything from her for a month! I wonder if she's ok.

Jennifer hasn't written or called her friends for a long time.
Jennifer can't hear.
Tony and Jean can't hear Jennifer.

7. Steven: Have you heard about John and Susan?
   Andy:   No, what happened?
   Steven: They had a big argument and then they broke up with each other.
   Andy: Hmm...do you think that John would get mad if I asked Susan out?
   Steven: I think he would get very angry! You know them - they'll probably
   get back together soon.

John and Susan are not dating each other anymore.
John and Susan are broken.
John and Susan are arguing with each other.

8. Supervisor: Please get in touch with Marie in the accounting department.
   Secretary: OK, I'll call her right now.

Please get into the accounting department.
Please touch Marie.
Please contact Marie.

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