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IDIOM: under (one's) breath (adj)
MEANING: to speak something in a soft, unclear manner; to mutter
EXAMPLE: Under his breath, Peter said a bad word when he saw the score on his exam.

IDIOM: under the weather (adj)
MEANING: sick; ill; unwell
EXAMPLE: I was under the weather yesterday, so I didn't go to school.

IDIOM: until (one) is blue in the face (adj)
MEANING: something that won't change, no matter how long or how often it's done; forever
EXAMPLE: Vicky can ask, beg, and plead until she's blue in the face, but I'm not going with her!

IDIOM: (be) up and running
MEANING: to be operational; to be ready to use  - usually for technology or machines
EXAMPLE: English-Zone.Com will remain up and running as long as possible!

IDIOM: up one's sleeve (adj)
MEANING: something held secretly in reserve
EXAMPLE: I thought that Rachel would fail the exam, but she must have been hiding her intelligence up her sleeve, because she passed the exam with the highest score in the class!

IDIOM: to update
MEANING: to make current; add information to show what has happened recently.
EXAMPLE: "You haven't heard? Oh - then let me update you. Chris married Kelly yesterday!"

IDIOM: upside down (adj)
MEANING: the upper and the lower parts are reversed in position
EXAMPLE: The trapeze flyers in the circus were flying upside down. I think that if I did that, I'd get a bad headache!

IDIOM: up-to-date (adj)
MEANING: to make current; add information to show what has happened recently.
EXAMPLE: "You haven't heard? Let me bring you up-to-date. Chris married Kelly yesterday!"

IDIOM: to use (one's) noodle
MEANING: think; use your head; use your brain
EXAMPLE: I can't tell you what to do. Use your noodle and figure something out!

IDIOM: (be) used to (+ -ing/noun)
MEANING: to be accustomed to something; something is normal for you
EXAMPLE: My Japanese students are used to eating soup for breakfast, but that seems strange to me because most Americans are used to eating cereal or eggs for breakfast.


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