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Fruit and Vegetable Idioms #1
All of these idioms have fruit and vegetables in them...
Click on the idiom to study the meaning:

Now it's your turn:

Read the sentences and try to choose the correct idioms:

1. The boss told me that he'd give me a raise if I wrote ten reports this week. He knows that's impossible! He's just trying to ___ in front of my face.

go bananas
dangle a carrot
be in a pickle

2. My new car is ___! It's broken down six times in the last two months.

apples and oranges
a pickle
a lemon

3. Wendy: What's Frank doing?
Henry: Oh, you know him - he's watching TV. 
Wendy: He's so lazy!

Frank is apples and oranges.
Frank is a couch potato.
Frank is a pea-brain.

4.  Mother: You're late! Why didn't you call me?
Daughter: I'm sorry. I forgot. I didn't think about calling.
Mother: How could you forget? I told you three times to call me.
Daughter: I'm really sorry, I'm a dummy sometimes!

I'm a pea-brain sometimes.
I'm a lemon sometimes.
I'm a couch potato sometimes.

5. When Susan won the karaoke contest, the audience clapped, cheered, and yelled.

They threw bananas at Susan.
They dangled a carrot.
They went bananas.

6. Steve: How was your first day on your new job?
Henry: It was terrible! I hit my new manager's car in the parking lot, 
so I'm really ___. Should I tell him, or should I lie?
   Steve: Hmm.. that is a pickle!

  in a pickle
a couch potato
apples and oranges

7. Shawn: Everyone knows that motorcycles are better than boats!
Kate: Motorcycles are useful, and so are boats, but each in a different way.

You're comparing apples and oranges.
You're going bananas.
You're comparing lemons.

8. Teacher: OK, um, class, uhhm, who did the, um, homework? 
Um, did you, um, have any, uhhh, questions?

He's dangling a carrot.
His speech compares apples and oranges.
His speech is peppered with "ums."

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