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Adjective + Preposition: Sample sentence:
(be) capable of  Do you think Terry is capable of lying?
(be) cluttered with  Harold seems to be writing a report. His desk is cluttered with piles of books.
(be) committed to  Unless you are committed to work hard, you will never be successful in business.
We are committed to the principle that education should be available for all children.
(be) composed of  Do you know what sites the ESLoop is composed of?
(be) concerned about  Edgar has never been concerned about what other people say about him.
(be) connected to  Which port should the printer be connected to?
(be) content with  Marilyn has recently been promoted. Now she is content with her job.
(be) convinced of  Cory is accused of breaking in a house and stealing a TV, but I am convinced of his innocence. I really believe he didn't do it!
(be) coordinated with The Navy carried out a surprise attack, which was coordinated with a full-scale offensive launched early by the Army.
(be) crowded into (a room) Twelve people were crowded into the elevator when it broke down.
When I was young, five of my brothers were crowded into one bedroom.
(be) crowded with (these people) The local kids like to hang around the mall, which is always crowded with shoppers.

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