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What is a Classification Paragraph?

A classification paragraph tries to group people or things into a category of their own. When we classify things, we are grouping them according to shared traits or characteristics.

As an example, let's make the claim that there are a number of ways that people eat spaghetti, and now we must describe 3-5 categories of spaghetti-eaters: People who twirl the noodles around their fork, people who use a spoon and a fork to wrap the noodles, and people who cut their spaghetti noodles into small pieces. We might label each group an attention-grabbing name: Noodle-Twirlers, Spoon-Users, and Noodle-Cutters.

Next, we must explain exactly what the characteristics are that make these groups different from one another. We must tell the readers what to look for, so that they can identify which category they belong to and how to classify their friends.

The primary idea is to create a classification system that includes everybody into one of its categories.

Here is your assignment:

Write a classification paragraph by explaining the ways that people do something. Choose a subject that lets you create 3-5 specific groups so that everybody would fit into only one group. Make your own list after studying the ideas below. Have someone check your list and make comments about it before you begin writing. Good luck!

Here are some ideas:

The different ways that people exercise.

The different ways that people eat corn-on-the-cob.

The different ways that people cook meat.

The different ways that people save money.

The different ways that people start conversations.

The different ways that people....(add your own ideas)

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