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Basic Possessives 1
SINGULAR POSSESSIVE NOUNS: Add an apostrophe S ('s) to show possession.
NEVER use an apostrophe to pluralize a noun!

1) I met ____ when I was at the store. (the daughter of Mrs. Brown)
A) Mrs. Browns' daughter
B) Mrs. Brown's daughter
C) Mrs. Browns's daughter

2) Welcome to our home. You may sleep in ___ tonight. (the bedroom of my son.)
A) my sons' bedroom
B) my sons's bedroom
C) my son's bedroom

3) I met ____ at a party last week. (the sister of Frank)
A) Franks' sister
B) Frank's sister
C) Franks's sister

4) Why are you reading ___?   (the newspaper from yesterday)
A) yesterday's newspaper
B) yesterdays' newspaper
C) yesterday's new'spaper

5) The ___ is damaged. (the bicycle belonging to the child)
A) the bicycle's child
B) the child's bicycle
C) the childs' bicycle

6) Sarah is ___.    (the name of my wife)
A) my wife's name
B) my wifes' name
C) my name's wife

7) I heard ___ ringing earlier.   (the bell of the cow)
A) the cows's bell
B) the cow's bell
C) the bell's cow

8) ___ is about to leave.   (the friend of Paul)
A) Pauls' friend
B) Pauls's friend
C) Paul's friend

9) On Thanksgiving, ____ is short! (the life of a turkey)
A) a turkey's life
B) a turkeys' life
C) a turkeys's life

10) Abraham Lincoln was ____ . (the 16th President of America)
A) Americas 16th President
B) Americas's 16th President
C) America's 16th President

You have  correct answers out of 10.

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