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Simple Present Tense - Fact, Habit, Opinion or Schedule?

Simple Present Tense is used:
1. to give your opinion - I like ice cream. I don't like spicy food.
2. to talk about schedules - The library opens at eight am. It doesn't open at 7.
3. to talk about daily habits - Sara eats a donut for breakfast every day. She doesn't eat cereal.
4. to give facts - The earth circles the sun. The moon doesn't circle the sun.
**note - It's not always easy to decide which use you see. In many cases, there are two or more usages present.

Directions: Choose the correct answer for each sentence below.
When you are done, click on the Check Answers button to check your answers.

1) The train leaves at 10.
opinion/fact schedule/fact habit/opinion

2) The sun is very hot in the summer.
schedule/habit opinion/habit fact

3) Traffic is terrible in the morning!
fact/opinion schedule/opinion habit/opinion

4) The sun rises in the east.
schedule/habit fact opinion

5) Susan hates traffic.
schedule opinion/fact habit/schedule

6) Every Saturday Sherry goes to the supermarket.
schedule/opinion habit opinion

7) That company makes auto parts.
schedule opinion fact

8) Maria dances every Saturday night.
schedule habit/fact opinion

9) Jack works every day.
habit/fact schedule/opinion opinion

10) A river carries water.
opinion schedule fact

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