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Simple Past with Irregular Verbs 1

Type the correct form of the verb in each blank below.
(go) 1. Yesterday I  to the movies. 
(make) 2. My sister  a birthday cake for me last week. 
(ride) 3. Steve  his bicycle to school yesterday. 
(drive) 4. My friends  to Los Angeles two weeks ago. 
(take) 5. Elizabeth  some flowers to her mother last Saturday. 
(break) 6. Kevin  his leg while he was playing football. 
(have) 7. Last week my aunt  a baby. 
(do) 8. When we cleaned the yard, we  a lot of work. 
(drink) 9. The child  some milk last night. 
(buy) 10. My teacher  some new books last month. 

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