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 HELP BOX: Lay/Lie

Confusing Verbs - Lay / Lie 1

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The cat is ____ on the rug, next to the chair.
A) lying
B) laying *
The cat often ____ on the rug when Marsha reads.
A) lays
B) lies *
This cat has  ____ here many times!
A) laid
B) lain *
In fact, just last night he ____ here too while Marsha read.
A) laid
B) lay *

Chickens ___ eggs. 
A) lay 
B) lie *
The average hen ____ over 200 eggs per year. (hen = female chicken)
A) lays
B) lies *

Sylvia ___ her hairbrush on the dresser when she finished using it.
A) lay
B) laid *

Mexico ____ to the south of the United States.
A) lies
B) lays *

Bobby: "Where is my dictionary?"
Cindy: "I ____ it on the desk over there."
A) lay 
B) laid *

My mother ___ my baby brother in his crib carefully. She didn't want to wake him up.
A) laid 
B) lied  *

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