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Past To Be Verb Practice: Scientists

Choose the correct past tense answer for each question.

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Charles Darwin

1) Charles Darwin [was were] born on February 12, 1809.

2) He [was were] a British naturalist who became famous for his theories of evolution and natural selection.
3) In South America, Darwin found that fossils of extinct animals  [was were]  similar to modern species.
4) Many people  [was were]  strongly opposed to the idea of evolution because it conflicted with their religious beliefs.
5) Throughout his life, Darwin [was were] a reserved, thorough, hard working scholar.

Albert Einstein

6) When Albert Einstein [waswere]  young, his parents worried about him.

7) Einstein's parents [was were]  concerned that Albert was "slow." 
8) Albert  [was were]  a terrible student who didn't want to attend classes regularly and take exams.
 9) Einstein's best-known work, the theory of relativity,  [was were]  published in 1905.
10) Unfortunately, the theory of relativity [was were] used to create the atomic bomb.

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