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Past and Perfect Tenses

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1) Last week I ___ my bicycle through the park when I saw Bruce Willis, the movie star, playing with his kids.
a. rode b. was riding
c. have been riding d. did ride
e. had been riding

2) What ___ for dinner last night?
a. had you b. have you been having
c. did you have d. have you had
e. had you had

3) How many times ___ the movie, "Titanic"?
a. do you see b. are you seeing
c. have you seen d. see you
e. have you been seeing

4) What ___ last summer?
a. did you do b. did you
c. had you done d. have you done
e. have you been doing

5) My friend and I ___ to the beach yesterday.
a. was going b. did go
c. have gone d. went
e. had been going

6) Why are you always late?! I ___ for you for half an hour!
a. waited b. have been waiting
c. am waiting d. has waited
e. had been waiting 

7) So, Mr. Clinton, how long ___ the President?
a. are you b. do you be
c. have you been d. was you
e. had you been

8) How long ___ Mr. and Mrs. Murphy?
a. are we knowing b. do we know
c. did we know d. have we known
e. have we been knowing

9) Where ___ yesterday? I looked for you at school, but you never showed up.
a. are you going b. went you
c. have you been d. have you gone
e. did you go

10) California sounds very interesting. How long ___ in California?
a. live you b. had you lived
c. have you lived d. do you live
e. are you living

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