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Subject-Verb Agreement

Choose the correct words to complete in each sentence.

1) EYES: Cats  a third eyelid. It's called a haw and you will 
probably only see the haw when your cat  feel well. 1b)

2) FUR: The Persian cat  the longest and thickest fur of 2a)
all cats. The topcoat may be up to 5  long. 2b)

3) EYES: A cat  about six times better than  3a)
a human can  at night. 3b)

4) EYES: All  are born with  4a)
blue . 4b)

5) EYES: A large majority of white  with  5a)
blue eyes  deaf. 5b)

6) WHISKERS: A cat  four rows of whiskers on  6a)
each side of its . 6b)

7) EYES: You can tell a cat's mood by looking into its . 7a)
A frightened or excited cat will have large, round  7b)

8) INTELLIGENCE: Cats can  tricks.  8a)
They just sometimes  not to! 8b)

9) LEARNING: When a kitten with a toy,  9a)
it  hunting skills. 9b)

10) ATTENTION: Cats  to hear the sound of their  10a)
own name and your voice, so  to them often. 10b)

11) MOVEMENT: A cat in a hurry  at about  11a)
thirty-one  per hour. 11b)

12) TAIL: A cat's  held high means it is happy,  12a)
while a tail held low  fear or nervousness. 12b)

13) LEARNING: A kitten's  13a)
it to hunt and kill. 13b)

14) MOUTH: The cat's tongue  covered with hooks (papillae)  14a)
that  used to groom its fur and to scrape meat off bones. 14b)

15) MOUTH: Cats  over one hundred vocal sounds,  15a)
while a dog only  about ten. Meow! 15b)

16) EARS: A cat  thirty-two  16a)
in each ear. 16b)

17) FEET: Most  have five toes on each front paw, but  17a)
only four on each back . 17b)

18) FEET:  are the only animal that walk on their  18a)
toes, and not on the pads of their . 18b)

19) FOOD: Most cats are unable to properly  cow's  19a)
milk. Milk and milk  like cheese and ice cream give cats diarrhea.
Yuck! Never feed your cat milk!

20) FOOD: Tylenol and chocolate  both poisonous  20a)
to . 20b)

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