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Guess the Word - Animals

Instructions: Read the clue, then choose the correct word.
When you are finished, click the Check button to see how you did.
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dolphins whales parrot giraffe elephant
cheetah dog ostrich tigers people
This animal says "meow."

1. This animal has a very long neck. 
2. This bird has a very long neck. It cannot fly. 
3. These animals have orange and black stripes. They 
eat meat and live in the jungle.
4. These animals are the largest animals in the 
ocean. They are not fish, they are mammals. 
5. This animal makes a good pet. It can also protect 
your house.
6. This animal can run very fast. It lives in Africa. 
7. This animal is the largest land mammal in the world.
8. These animals live in the ocean. They are very 
intelligent and playful. 
9. This bird has beautiful feathers. It lives in the 
Amazon Jungle. 
10. These animals can speak. They also study and 
work every day!

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