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[-ation] NOUN / VERB STUDY - Vocabulary Quiz 1 - Words beginning with A

Study the words here 

1. I am going to  for college soon.

2. John F. Kennedy, an American President, was  in 1963. 

3. President Kennedy's  happened in Dallas, Texas.

4. Many people  JFK very much. 

5. Do you know what the  "R.S.V.P." means?

6. Was your visa  approved? 

7. The travel office  my visa yesterday.

8. The secretary had  a large  of files on his desk. 

9. Here's a tip for writing notes in class more quickly: 
An easy way to  the word "because" is "b/c."

10. Oscar seems really  today because he has three tests and an essay to finish before Friday. He's really stressed out!

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