Comparatives 1
Practice one-syllable comparatives.
(tall – taller, new – newer)

Comparatives 2
Practice two-syllable comparatives ending in Y.
(pretty – prettier, busy – busier)

Comparatives 3
Practice two or more syllable comparatives not ending in Y.
(famous – more famous than)

Comparatives 4
Practice irregular comparatives.
(good – better than)

Comparatives Mega Quiz
Practice 50 challenging comparatives!
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Superlatives 1
Practice one-syllable superlatives.
(tall – the tallest, new – the newest)

Superlatives 2
Practice two-syllable superlatives ending in Y.
(pretty – the prettiest, busy – the busiest)

Superlatives 3
Practice two or more syllable superlatives not ending in Y.
(famous – the most famous)

Superlatives 4
Practice irregular superlatives.
(good – the best)

Superlatives Mega Quiz
Practice 50 challenging superlatives!
Can you get 100%?

Comparatives & Superlatives Quiz