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Past Progressive Lesson + Exercise

Past Progressive FORM: (BE) + ___ING
I was working.
He was eating.
She was dancing.
You were talking.
They were listening.
We were singing.
Past Progressive USAGE: 
Use past progressive for actions in progress at a time in the past. 
example explanation
I was studying when Frank called. I began studying at 6 pm.
Frank called me at 6:30.
I was still studying when Frank called.
After I finished talking to Frank,
I continued to study.

Look for "past progressive" key words: at that moment, at that time, while, etc.

READ the sentence, CHOOSE the answer, and get your score instantly!

1) Suzanne ____ to school when it began to rain. She got very wet.
walked  was walking   

2) Ferris ____ English for two hours last night because he had a test today.
studied  was studying 

3) My friend lives in Korea, but he ____ California when I met him.
visited  was visiting 

4) Lee ____ from Korea. His hometown is Seoul.
came  was coming 

5) ____ you ___ a new notebook?
Did...buy  Were...buying 

6) ____ you ___ to the store when the accident happened?
Did...go  Were...going 

7) Sylvia and Mary ___ friends. They liked to go shopping at the mall together.
were  were being 

8) One day, they ____  lunch at the mall when they saw a thief.
were eating  ate 

9) The thief ____ into a woman's purse when Sylvia screamed and pointed at him.
was reaching  reached 

10) When Sylvia screamed, the thief ___ away. Fortunately, the police caught him outside the mall.
was running  ran 

You have correct answers out of 10.

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