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That Stupid -GRY Question and E-mail

Dear Visitor, I respectfully ask you...
In regards to the GRY question/riddle/puzzle, PLEASE:
Do NOT send email to say, "Thank you!"
  • I posted the GRY page in an attempt to be helpful to those of you who were going crazy trying to solve this stupid riddle. If you liked the explanation and found it helpful, that's enough thanks for me. It's really not necessary to send me e-mail.
    - You are very welcome. Go in peace.
Do NOT send email to say, "I agree with you!"
  • I'm very happy that you agree with me. It's really not necessary to send me e-mail.
    - You are clearly an intelligent person. Go in peace.
Do NOT send email to say, "I don't understand the explanation."
  • How important is the explanation really, in the grand scheme of things? Do you REALLY, TRULY care about this stupid riddle? Come on - there are many more important things to do in life than worry about a stupid riddle. If you really MUST know, then visit some of the links on the -GRY page. Maybe you will understand one of their explanations.
    - Go in peace.
Do NOT send email to say, "I have a better explanation."
  • Hurray! I'm very happy for you. But really... there's no need to tell ME about your explanation. I really don't care about the -GRY riddle - in fact, I hate it. Instead of sending me email, why not...
    1. Tell ALL your friends how smart you are!
    2. Create a web page to share YOUR explanation with the world!
    - Go in peace.
Do NOT send email to say, "I found the right answer."
  • You obviously DIDN'T understand the explanation, because there IS no single "right answer!"
  • If you searched through the Internet and found some very old English words like "mawgry," "puggry," or even "gry," then you really missed the point of the riddle. The riddle clearly states that the answer is something you "USE EVERY DAY." Really now, do YOU use words like "mawgry" in everyday conversation?
  • If you just NEED a list of old, rarely-used words that end in -gry, click here.
    - Go in peace.
Do NOT send email to say, "I don't like this riddle."
  • Hey, I don't like it either - it's STUPID! It has been frustrating people for at least twenty years. The best thing to do is to punish the person who sent it to you! Send THAT person a nasty e-mail or something, but do NOT send email about the -GRY puzzle to me!
    - Go.
Do NOT send email to say, "I think the riddle is stupid/unfair/riduculous/etc."
  • DUH! I totally agree with you! That's why I entitled the information page "That Stupid -GRY Question" I openly state that it's a "stupid riddle." So there's no need to write and TELL me that!
    - Just go.
And lastly, I'd like to apologize if any of the above seems a "rude." It's just a little frustrating to receive hundreds of e-mails about this stupid, STUPID puzzle. I have much more important work to do than answer e-mail messages about some stupid riddle!

Thanks for understanding.


Kaye Mallory, English-Zone.Com Teacher

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